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1. What kind of shoes should we use for trekking in Sapa?

There are different types of trekking in Sapa and its surrounding mountains, so when booking Sapa tours or Vietnam tours including Sapa, you will need to check with our travel consultants to see which kind of shoes will work best.

For the light or easy trek, we recommend using good sandals or walking shoes, but for intermediate and hard trekking trips, we have to use really good shoes or sport shoes which must have really strong grips for hiking up and down. Many of our past clients use their expert hiking boots which often become very muddy in rainy weather. The best footwear during periods of rain are definitely the local rubber boots bought at the local market for about 60 000 VND or $4 USD. They grip in mud and do not cause blisters. Although, these boots do not breath at all.

2. Is your local guide waiting for us at the train station of Lao Cai?

Yes, your guide will be waiting outside the train station with a welcome sign with your name. Together with your driver they will take you safely to Sapa. The guide that we use is a local guide from the Sapa area.

We provide telephone numbers of our local guides and tour operators in advance, just in case.

Tip: There are so many people outside at Lao Cai train station when you get out, please make sure you look for the sign Sapa-Travel Travel and our local guide welcoming you.

3. What is the homestay condition, are there mosquito nets and sleeping bags provided at homestay?

We try not to bring any influence to the local host. CBT (Community Based Tourism) means that the locals will make all the arrangements of bedding, i.e. cushions, mattress, blankets, pillows, mosquito-net, with their own materials. Authentic and simple but clean and safe.

Please bring your own sleeping bags to the homestay if you feel the need and it is also recommended for some of the visitors with sensitive skin.

For meals, our host will help with cooking and dining, our local guide might have to bring food from Sapa town (if they are far away from the market). They have their traditional ways of preparing food and are all well educated about hygiene, food safety, and cleanliness.

Simple as it is, a toilet is placed a few steps from their house, there is a bucket of water for use…please do bring your own toilet paper. Minimizing as many environmental impacts as possible has already been an issue raised and dealt with.

4. Your company offers Vietnam visa for free of charge. How does it work?

Our company arranges Vietnam visa upon arrival (1-month, single entry visa) for all our clients for FREE OF CHARGE. After you booked a tour with us and settled a deposit to secure your booking, please provide us your passport details and arrival date. We will process your visa application and send you the Visa Approval Letter (issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department) within 2 business day. You just print out the letter, and bring it with one passport-sized photo when you fly to Vietnam.

If you would like to change from 1-month single entry visa to a multiple entry visa or a 3-month visa, please contact us for more details.